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Head office at Villeurbanne, France
Tel: +33 (0)820 202 101

Our commitments

% of our products reused 0

% of our products reused

Repaired, recycled, donated… to postpone their end of life

% of energy saved 0

% of energy saved

Passenergy customers: more than 100 tonnes of CO2e / year

of employee shareholders 0

of employee shareholders

We believe in collective, shared development

% of packaging recycled 0

% of packaging recycled

Committed to sustainable practices on a daily basis

Our actions and commitments

Our commitments to a more sustainable world



Combating waste

We adopt sensible practices both in the office and in the field. For example, we encourage travel by train and soft mobility. For technical interventions, our dense network is located as close as possible to our customers.


Acting for all

Companies play a key role in the development of local life. That’s why we’ve made a long-term commitment to supporting associations in areas such as sport, youth and disability.


Our teams, our priority

The development of our teams is the key to our growth. That’s why we encourage internal mobility, skills development, work-life balance and well-being in the workplace.


Eco-designed products

We favour energy-efficient and Green-labelled equipment. In addition, 70% of end-of-life products are repaired, reconditioned, donated or recycled.

Certification and labelling

We are committed to a responsible business process every day, and we comply with European RGPD regulations.

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We innovate for
your carbon footprint


Taking effective action against energy waste

Passenergy is the 1st home automation solution for commercial buildings, which automatically controls the heating and air conditioning of each room according to its use, in real time.

Its strong point? It can be adapted to all buildings, even older ones: hotels, residences, offices, etc. It’s a wireless installation that’s compatible with existing heating and air conditioning systems. So we’re making intelligent temperature control accessible to everyone.

Reducing your heating by 1° saves 7% energy – ADEME

Plug and play, Passenergy automatically regulates the temperature of each room. In this way, we are reducing the energy consumption of tertiary buildings by 20 to 30%. Supported by the French government via CEE, Passenergy enables us to comply with the Tertiary and BACS decrees. And to have a real impact on the carbon footprint of thousands of establishments in France.

“The idea for us is to intelligently regulate energy consumption, particularly for heating, according to the real needs of our customers. For the 2022/2023 season, we have implemented the Passenergy solution at 5 strategic sites, representing more than 1,100 rooms and flats. And we have already seen energy savings of 20%. For the 2023/2024 season, we are extending the scope with 4 additional residences.”

Julien Noel – Operations Manager – MMV

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