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More visitors now want high-performance Wi-Fi. Did you know that Wi-Fi is an excellent way to collect qualified data? You can use it to enhance your database and access key information about your in-store client journey.
Want to boost traffic or showcase certain products or promotions? Dynamic display is a key way to easily communicate through targeted campaigns in your window or inside the store.

stores already working with us

stores already working with us

million + devices connected

million + devices connected

creens installed in store

creens installed in store

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Ken Group - CMG Sports Club

« We have entrusted our Wifi to Passman, in order to provide a quality service to our members and to ensure the best possible performance. »

E. Zerbib

Information System Manager, Ken Group - CMG Sports Club


« Passman's digital signage allows us to easily highlight our communications. The result is up to our expectations! »

Edmond Maitre

Support Division Manager - General Management, CE RATP


« Passman digital signage allows us to animate more than 200 CARGLASS® centres and thus showcase our expertise, particularly through videos of our complementary services. »


Product Manager Additional Services, Carglass

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Retail connectivity

Read our analysis and tips on how to tackle connectivity challenges at shopping centres, stores and franchise chains.

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How to use dynamic display to boost traffic and average spend ?

Dynamic display is the medium to use if you want to elevate your brand image and showcase your products and services. Targeted campaigns can be used in your shop window or inside the store to significantly increase footfall and draw attention to your key offers and products, raising your average spend.

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With a wide range of screens available, our in-house solution is ideal for specific retail sector needs.
Wanting to give you a comprehensive solution, our team of graphic designers will help you create your campaigns and present and share your content. Part of a group or chain? It’s easy to manage your communications nationally, regionally or locally with our intuitive online tool and its various permission levels.

How to manage large-scale deployments ?

Deployments on store and shopping centre networks can be complicated. We’ve been experts in the field for 28 years, meaning we’ve developed a proven deployment process which is both meticulous and agile. Our teams can install at hundreds of sites in just a few weeks, offering flawless service quality.

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We’re used to deployments in complex environments, so can work around your limitations to install in a way that doesn’t disrupt your business: outside opening hours, at night, at height using safe equipment, etc.
Moreover, we’re your single point of contact and provide every element of your solution: integral detailed audits, full installations, network infrastructure, interface tailoring, remote monitoring, 24-hour support and more… We also give you a single contact person who provides bespoke support over time.

How to find out more about your clients and optimise your consumer journey using Wi-Fi data ?

Collecting qualified visitor data is becoming a must for marketing and sales. With our Wi-Fi solution, you can access reliable email addresses associated with the custom data of your choice (age, sex, nationality, etc.) to enrich your CRM and keep in touch with visitors. By linking your Wi-Fi connection to your loyalty programme, you can learn even more about your customers.

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You can also access detailed information about visitor behaviour. Identify visit duration and frequency with systematic user connection tracking via Wi-Fi transmitters. This data will help you optimise your store displays and visitor traffic to increase footfall and purchases.
Our Wi-Fi uses our dynamic bandwidth management algorithm which can manage peak times and cater in real time for anything your visitors want to do online.

How to reduce your energy use and control your performance ?

You’re likely to be spending a lot on energy as part of your running costs. Easily control your energy use (heating, air conditioning, lighting) with our innovative solution. It will help you prevent waste and reduce your bills by 30%. Make an environmental and financial impact!

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Our engineers have developed a smart IoT solution which automatically controls your energy use depending on a range of factors: active presence, door/window opening, outside temperature, opening hours, etc. This keeps you beautifully comfortable at all times. Easy to install and hosted in the cloud, it enables you to manage your premises at the click of a button and adjust your comfort settings wherever you are.

Did you know that 36% of the customers appreciate having Wifi when shopping?.

Good to know! Dynamic display increases impulse purchases by 30% compared to traditional display.

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