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Dynamic display for stores and shopping centres

Communicate on a big screen and energise your sales spaces

affichage dynamique pour les centres commerciaux et magasins

Your screens communicate for you, in your shop window or sales spaces. Dynamic display is THE solution for impactful communication. Your screens are highly visible and grab the attention of visitors, enhance your image and increase the intention to buy.

Product promotion, special offers, publicity campaigns – you can broadcast all your content with ease (images, videos, RSS feed…). This makes your message more memorable to visitors and boosts your sales with a communication medium that’s both popular and effective.

Do you provide a service and welcome members of the public? Your screens are your best representative. Add value to your services, promote your demonstrations and events, communicate practical information in a fun way, or broadcast useful information like the local weather forecast, local information, etc. The possibilities are endless! You reinforce your presence in the eyes of your customers or members and boost your business.

Advertising totems, video walls or screens – we provide a wide range of indoor and outdoor screens from major brands including Samsung, Phillips and LG. Our cloud-hosted technology is directly embedded in your screens, or on a discreet external player.

Manage your communications with just one click

We have designed an online tool that’s very easy to use, enabling you to manage your campaigns with just one click:

Hosted in the cloud so you can access it wherever you are.

Create and schedule your campaigns, update your messages, and remotely manage the communications that you broadcast: our intuitive tool is accessible to all.

We offer you several levels of service to help you create your communications: our graphic designers will build your campaigns and manage them remotely, or design your first communication templates and train your teams. The choice is yours!

A campaign to launch? An update to carry out? In just two clicks, your communications appear on your screens immediately.

affichage dynamique avec interface personnalisée

Planning a project? Questions?

Our experts are there for you.

affichage dynamique centre commercial

Performance guarantee included

With us, quality of service is not just hot air. For this purpose our solution is designed to offer you a flawless level of service:
  • Our engineers have designed our own solution to guarantee you perfect control and scalability in line with your needs.
  • In the event of a break in transmission, our system will display the latest content rather than a blank screen.
  • Our in-house technicians are there to help 24/7 and use remote monitoring to manage your installation in real time.
  • Because having a real person to talk to is a guarantee of quality, your dedicated contact is always available to you.

Control your communications

Are you a group? Or a chain?

With our centralised management tool, you can control all the screens in your facilities with ease, with several levels of access, depending on your organisation. Broadcast your targeted campaigns on a national or regional level or to a group of stores and retain control of all the screens. You can also leave individual sites to add their own specific content while keeping an eye on their communications.

Chains and stores already equipped

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What our clients say


« Passman's digital signage allows us to easily highlight our communications. The result is up to our expectations! »

Edmond Maitre

Support Division Manager - General Management, CE RATP


« Passman digital signage allows us to animate more than 200 CARGLASS® centres and thus showcase our expertise, particularly through videos of our complementary services.. »


Product Manager Additional Services, Carglass

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