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Healthcare facilities

Connected solutions

Make your patients more comfortable with our connected solutions

Patient and resident expectations are evolving. They want sources of entertainment that are more comprehensive and user-friendly, with service quality “like at home”. Connected solutions for healthcare facilities can contribute to wellbeing.
Your staff need a diverse and top-quality network that’s fully secure.
We support you through this digital transition with autonomous and simple solutions tailored to healthcare facilities.

facilities already working with Passman

facilities already working with Passman

TVs installed in healthcare facilities

TVs installed in healthcare facilities

rooms equipped with Wi-Fi

rooms equipped with Wi-Fi

Healthcare facilities already working with us

Thank you to our healthcare facility clients

Vivalto Santé

“ Above all, TV service must be very easy to use. It should offer a wide range of channels and on-demand content. Moreover, our goal is to get a more autonomous TV service, with a function to open and close TV access remotely. ”

Lauriane Collignon

Programme Officer for Paris Area, Vivalto Santé

Discover all our connected solutions for hospitals, clinics, retirement homes, post-acute rehabilitation centres, etc.

Our solutions designed for healthcare facilities

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Read our analysis and advice to overcome the challenges of connected solutions for healthcare facilities

TV connectée établissements de santé

How to use connected services to make patients and residents more comfortable ?

We’ve been by your side for 15 years, developing connected solutions to make your patients and residents more comfortable. Designed to meet your specific needs, these solutions are tailored to your security and healthcare requirements.

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TV is the main source of entertainment in healthcare facilities. We don’t just provide a full TV service: French and international channels, radio stations, premium channels (Canal+, beIN Sports, etc): we also offer an internal channel so you can easily share useful information and details about special events – all in your brand’s colours.
For long stays and younger residents, Chromecast opens up access to all their apps on the big screen: Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Disney+, etc.
And for patients, Wi-Fi is an essential service that keeps people in touch with loved ones. For visitors, it’s a handy and valuable service. We guarantee a good connection that’s easy for everyone to use.

How to set up a TV or Wi-Fi solution without investing ?

Budgets shouldn’t restrict your patients’ wellbeing, so we offer flexible and affordable models with or without investment.
Your Wi-Fi or TV installation can be quickly optimised with well-designed packages tailored to meet your patients’ needs: length, number of devices, usage types, etc. There are as many options as there are premises.

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Residents at high-end facilities now often want free Wi-Fi that’s accessible everywhere. You can easily set them apart with paid Premium Wi-Fi packages for those who want to be online all the time.
Hoping to install equipment without having to invest? We provide many hospitals with Wi-Fi and TVs, only receiving payment for patient access requests.
Our experts have worked with 550 healthcare facilities and will support you to create the right bespoke package and bring your patients and residents comfort.

You're so busy, so how can you guarantee a professional and independent service?

Care is your priority, so we create connected solutions that are fully managed by our teams. Designed with your practices in mind, they are intuitively simple, saving you time and resources.

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We ensure you have a simple and tailored TV or Wi-Fi access management system: secure card payment, pre-paid card sales, codes via telephone, PMS link to facilitate billing, etc.

You can grant or remove access rights in the click of a button from your Dashboard and monitor how your patients are using the service. Transparently.

Our healthcare connections experts will help you set up the right autonomous and effective tailored solution.

How to optimise your network installations ?

Did you know that you can easily bring all your connected solutions together on the same network? Wi-Fi, telephone, dynamic display, webcorners and automated energy-monitoring: we combine all your installations to make life easier. You then have a single network for all your solutions, which is monitored remotely by a single contact, saving you time and money.

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For 28 years, we’ve been designing complementary and compatible solutions for all kinds of facilities. Our goal is to make technology simpler for you. We’re now the company with the widest range of own-brand solutions on the market.

Did you know that 44% of the people over 70 years old connect to the Internet every day?

Good to know! 62% of the French people have a connected TV service at home.

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