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Make your working spaces digitally secure and manage them 24 hours a day.

Your coworkers or staff need high-speed Wifi for businesses that works, as well as secure bespoke networks. We naturally achieve this excellent performance thanks to our in-house R&D team. Using our scalable cloud-hosted technology, your Wifi for businesses will become the cornerstone of your coworking space, with our solution allowing you to control all your networks at the click of a button.
Your display screens can also be part of this dynamic approach: enjoy interactive TV in break rooms, Chromecast in meeting rooms and dynamic displays for communicating with your teams! Immerse yourself more deeply in the digital world: save energy while feeling ever more comfortable thanks to our automated energy monitoring solution.

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connected devices a day

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connected businesses

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years of innovation

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Read our analysis and tips on how to tackle connectivity challenges at businesses and coworking spaces.

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How to guarantee a high-performance Wi-Fi network for everyone ?

Your coworkers or staff expect a good internet connection. It should meet the needs of the most demanding users (video calls, attachment-sending, remote server connections, etc.), no matter the time of day or amount of traffic online.

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To make sure everyone can enjoy a consistent internet connection, you need smart Wi-Fi technology. Happily, our R&D teams have designed a dynamic bandwidth management algorithm which optimises user resource distribution in real time. So long, jittery internet! With us, browsing is quick and smooth.
We can look after all your fibre and Wifi for businesses needs, providing flawless service continuity. Fibre business broadband offers symmetrical guaranteed speeds and a consistent connection speed. If your address isn’t yet covered by fibre business broadband, we can check your eligibility and provide the best connection at the best price.

How to optimise your network installations ?

There are plenty of reasons to combine your network installations, including to streamline costs, save time and make management simpler. Did you know that you can easily bring all your connected solutions together on a single network? Make life easier – with no limits!

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Enjoy Wi-Fi, Chromecast for meeting-rooms, dynamic display for internal communications and automatic monitoring to save energy.
We simplify things by developing integrated complementary solutions which are compatible with all kinds of businesses: so much so that we’re the only market player able to offer such an extensive range of own-brand solutions. Have a single network for all your solutions, monitored remotely by a single contact who knows you.

How to tailor your Wi-Fi networks at the click of a button ?

Your Wi-Fi network is key to your teams’ work, so it needs to be fully secure and suit everyone’s needs. Offer each coworker and team a bespoke network by creating multiple VLANs. Everyone can have their own local network connected to shared peripherals for the days and times they’re with you.

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With our technology and DPSK, you can create up to 25 VLANs per Wi-Fi transmitter: that’s hundreds of bespoke networks.
Our VLAN management tool is designed to be easy to use. With this online tool, you can create and manage your VLANs at the click of a button. Assign wired connections, personalise access, assign bandwidth to a network, etc. You can also track network performance and usage statistics.
Your Wi-Fi is the cornerstone of your coworking space and enables you to control all your networks at the click of a button.

How to save energy using automation ?

Budgets are strained and environmental concerns are decisive. Be involved in the ecological transition and save energy! Our R&D teams have worked tirelessly for two years to design a comprehensive solution that controls buildings and energy costs.

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This IoT solution automatically monitors your heating, air conditioning and lighting to reduce your usage while keeping your users comfortable. Simple to install and hosted online, it considers a range of factors: window opening, presence detection, working hours, etc.

You can track your energy performance and monitor your working space with the user-friendly online tool designed by our engineers.

Good news: our solution helps make you eligible for energy-saving certifications, paving the way for certain grants.

Did you know that 36% of the employees are complaining about a bad Wifi or mobile network in their company’s offices?

Good to know! 69% of the employees think that new technological tools are necessary to improve their daily work.

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