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Dynamic display for companies and co-working spaces

Boost your in-house communications with dynamic display screens

affichage dynamique pour coworking

Dynamic displays for coworking or companies have many advantages.

At reception, near the lifts, in staff rooms or near meeting rooms, your screens dynamic display will communicate for you throughout your company. As a valuable asset for your in-house communications, they broadcast your messages effectively to all your staff or co-workers. Display totems, video walls or ultra-slim screens, the dynamic display for coworking they grab the attention of your teams and reinforce your image.

What to display on dynamic screens?

Promotion of your services, news, events, social media or practical information – you can distribute all your content easily and energise the life of your company. Images, videos, RSS feeds – any format is good on the dynamic display for coworking. You can even offer dynamic information to provide a service: times of the next trains or flights, geolocated weather, local or business information, etc.

With our intuitive online tool, you can manage all your communications with one click. Our cloud-based technology is directly embedded in your screens, or on a discreet external player. We provide a wide range of screens from major brands including Samsung, Phillips and LG.

In addition, we also offer a high-performance Wifi solution so that your teams are always more efficient.

Managing your communications has never been so easy

Our R&D teams have designed a very user-friendly tool to manage your campaigns easily:

You can access your cloud-hosted tool wherever you are.

Create, update and plan your communications with one click. Our intuitive tool is accessible to all.

Our graphic designers will provide the level of support of your choice. They will create your campaigns, manage them remotely, and/or train your own teams. The choice is yours!

A piece of news that you want to distribute? Some last-minute information? Create your message with a single click for immediate display on all your screens.

affichage dynamique pour coworking

Planning a project for dynamic display for coworkings or companies ? Questions?

Our experts are there for you.

affichage dynamique pour coworking

Choose infallible quality of service

We are committed to providing you with an irreproachable level of service:

  • Our R&D teams have developed our own solution to provide you with total control, driven by the latest technologies on the market.
In the event of a break in transmission, our system will display the latest content and so avoid a blank screen.
  • Our in-house technicians are contactable 24/7 and use remote monitoring to manage your installation in real time.
  • Your dedicated contact is always available to offer you support in the long term.

Groups & multi-site operations

Manage your communications on all your dynamic display

Are you a group? Do you manage several sites or subsidiaries? Our centralised management tool enables you to manage dynamic display for coworking or companies on all your sites. Our tool offers you several levels of access depending on your organisation. It allows you to broadcast your targeted message on a national or regional level or to a group of sites, and retain control of all your communications. You can also allow each site to add their own local content, whilst still retaining an overview of the messages being broadcast.

Our experts would be delighted to discuss your needs and offer advice.

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