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Wi-Fi for companies and co-working spaces

Your high-performance intelligent Wi-Fi

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Your wired and Wi-Fi networks are the bedrock of your working spaces. The teams or co-workers should be able enjoy a fast connection at any time of day, whatever they’re using it for. Video calls, sending attachments, access to remote servers, collaborative working apps… All employees demand a flawless connection speed for uses that are ever more greedy for bandwidth, and with good reason, because an excellent connection is the basis for productive working.

Our engineers have developed a dynamic bandwidth management technology to ensure bulletproof quality of service and Wifi for companies efficient. Our constantly evolving algorithm optimises the spread of bandwidth between users according to their real-time use.

It enables a 30% improvement in internet connection quality.

Everyone receives the bandwidth they need in real time, for fast and seamless browsing.

Offer secure personalised networks in line with the needs of each team, with access to appropriate shared peripheral devices and servers. And for your business devices, you can take advantage of a specific network with simplified access and no captive portal (tablets, videoconferences, etc.). The management of Wifi for companies is very simple and intuitive.

To facilitate your communication Passman has created a dynamic display, specially designed for offices and coworking.

Choose a secure intuitive connection experience

Offer your co-workers or visitors easy personalised internet access:

Your user connects to the available network, with the name of your choice.

The captive portal loads automatically in your company colours and the user’s language.

The user signs in securely using the method of your choice: with one click, email, form, code, etc.

Wherever they are in your buildings, they will enjoy seamless browsing throughout the period of their lease or their visit, without having to reconnect.

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Planning a Wi-Fi project? Questions?

Our experts are there for you

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Manage your networks and your workspaces

Your wired and Wi-Fi networks are the core of your workspaces. Offer your teams personalised networks perfectly suited to their needs via the creation of multiple VLANs. Wifi for companies allows the creation of up to 25 VLANs per Wi-Fi transmitter: that’s hundreds of personalised networks.

Each co-worker or department has their own dedicated network, connected to appropriate shared peripheral devices, active during their working hours and days.


Because our aim is make your daily life easier, we have designed a super-simple VLAN management tool. You can create and manage your VLANs with one click: personalised access, assign bandwidth to a priority network, assign wired connections, etc. Your cloud-hosted online tool enables you to create, rename or edit your networks wherever you are. You can also track network performance and usage statistics and view them at any time.

All-inclusive Wi-Fi

Your single contact for a turnkey Internet and Wi-Fi service

We are your sole point of contact and offer you a turnkey service with a performance guarantee:

  • The installation of the network infrastructure is adapted to your company, irrespective of the structure of your buildings.
  • We offer you the Fibre or VDSL connection that’s most suitable for your needs.
  • Our talented team of graphic designers will design your interfaces in your house style.
  • Our technicians are contactable 24/7 and use remote monitoring to manage your installation in real time.
  • Your dedicated contact is always available to offer support in the long term.

Our Wi-Fi experts would be delighted to discuss your needs and offer advice.

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