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Take your guests journey digital with our connected solutions

Travellers want an innovative digital experience when they’re at a hotel.
They’re looking for useful and intuitive connected services that perform well throughout their stay.
We support you through your digital transition with our connected solutions.
They enhance your client journey and make your life easier.
Because close contact is important.

in 4 French hotels use our Wi-Fi

in 4 French hotels use our Wi-Fi

TV screens installed in hotels

TV screens installed in hotels

hotel rooms connected

hotel rooms connected

Hotels and residences already working with Passman

Thank you to our client hotels and residences

« Independent hotels have specific requirements and challenges. The Passman teams know how to put in place adapted, high-quality solutions, particularly in non-standardised buildings. »


Managing Director, Logis


« The PASSMAN teams were able to meet our demands and constraints. Most importantly, PASSMAN remains present with the post-deployment operational teams to answer their questions and enable them to provide the best possible support to clients. »

Benjamin Failler

Project Manager in MOA, Adagio

Lagrange Vacances

« In addition to the technical quality of the installations and the technological choices, we particularly appreciate our relationship with Passman: cooperation, transparency and flexibility. »


Information Systems Manager, Lagrange Vacances

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Read our analysis and tips on how to tackle connectivity challenges at hotels and residences.

solutions connectées pour les hôtels

Wi-Fi: how to maintain
and continuously
improve your customers satisfaction ?

Your guests no longer want to compromise on Wi-Fi quality, so you need to equip every bedroom with a fast connection that really works, providing an experience that’s just as smooth “as at home”.

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In our 28 years working alongside clients, we’ve developed a renowned Wi-Fi solution that allows everyone to enjoy smooth and fast browsing at any time. Our engineers are always innovating to provide connections fit for the increasing demand users are placing on the internet.

We’re driven by our desire to see you satisfied. Thanks to our collaborative working relationships and diligent technological progress, our Wi-Fi is in use at one in four French hotels, and almost 95% of clients renew their contracts.

How to optimise your network installations ?

Did you know that you can easily bring all your connected solutions together on the same network? Wi-Fi, telephone, dynamic display, business corners and automated energy-monitoring: we combine all your installations to make life easier.

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You then have a single network for all your solutions, which is monitored remotely by a single contact, saving you time and money. Our approach is all about quality and peace of mind.

For 28 years, we’ve been designing complementary and compatible solutions for all kinds of facilities. Our goal is to make technology simpler for you. We’re now the company with the widest range of own-brand solutions on the market.

Connected hotels & digital transformation: how to stand out from the crowd?

Connected products are popping up everywhere, but how can you choose the ones that will make a difference? Wi-Fi is obviously the foundation of your connected services, but we’ve also identified three key elements that a connected hotel needs on top.

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Connected TV is an essential entertainment service and a special means of communication. The different types (interactive TV and Chromecast) will meet your needs and your guests’ needs too. Then there’s dynamic display technology, which allows you to communicate across your hotel at the click of a button. And what if making your hotel connected also made it eco-friendly? We’ve designed an IoT solution that connects to your PMS and automatically controls your energy use to reduce costs. You have full control of your spaces and can keep your guests comfortable at all times.

How to boost your MICE activity ?

With meetings and events being an important revenue source, you only need a few pieces of connected equipment to make all the difference. Wi-Fi is a must, and it has to be fast and easy to access. Create a special Wi-Fi network with guaranteed speeds for each meeting at the click of a button.

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With Chromecast, your guests can easily project their presentations onto a TV screen from their phones or laptops. This provides real added value for a successful meeting.
Dynamic display screens will guide your groups to the right meeting rooms and give them all the information they need at the right place and time. These screens can be updated at the click of a button and give your hotel an innovative premium image.

Did you know that 37% of hotel guests complain about difficulties connecting to Wi-Fi?

Good to know! 62% of the French people have a connected TV service at home.

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