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Secure Chromecast for hotels and residences

With Chromecast, every guest can watch their apps on a wide-screen TV: Netflix, catch-up TV…

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Films, series, sports or news: there’s something for everyone! With the emergence of streaming and the increasing number of specialist channels, the needs of hotel and residence guests are changing. Make way for personalised content! Sports buffs can watch their favourite sporty channels. Film fans can enjoy their MyCanal subscription from their hotel room, just as they do at home. Guests who are hooked on series can watch the latest episode on Netflix from their king-size bed. TV addicts can find their favourite programmes on catch-up. The possibilities are as infinite as your guests’ tastes!

You can please your guests and save money by freeing yourself from multiple TV subscriptions. Your guests can enjoy their favourite subscriptions and apps on TV. For them, it means the TV content they’re in the mood for with the added bonus of a wide screen. For you, it means substantial savings and easier management. An ingenious innovation for everyone!

Offer the same ease of use that guests enjoy at home

With Chromecast, your guests can watch all the apps of their smartphone directly on TV :

Once they’re connected to Wi-Fi, they just need to scan the QR code displayed on the TV to connect their device (smartphone, tablet or computer)

Your guest opens the app of their choice on their smartphone: Netflix, MyCanal, beIN Sports, YouTube, Amazon Prime, OCS, catch-up TV, Spotify… with no limits.

They click on the Chromecast icon to launch the content on wide-screen HD TV in their room

They can continue to use their smartphone or computer as usual, just as conveniently as in their own home

utilisateurs hotel chromecast

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Secure Chromecast specially designed for hotels & residences

Our solution is based on Google technology and benefits from the latest Chromecast technological advances. Our engineers have designed a 100% secure solution to match the particular needs of hotels and residences:

  • Pairing is secure to ensure that every guest can broadcast their content on the TV in their room
  • The history is automatically erased with each new guest
  • Logging in and browsing are fast and easy

Turnkey solution

Choose a complete, worry-free service

We will ensure the quality of your installation over time with a turnkey solution: on-site study to ensure complete compatibility, installation of a discreet secure dongle behind each TV by HDMI, configuration of your solution, remote monitoring and after-sales service available 24 hours a day, etc.

Because quality means a real person to talk to, your unique contact remains available to support you in the long term.

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« Chromecast has the huge advantage of allowing the customer to broadcast his/her contents on TV, while limiting the technical and operational impacts. »

Benjamin Failler

Project Manager in MOA, Adagio


« Independent hotels have specific requirements and challenges. The Passman teams know how to put in place adapted, high-quality solutions, particularly in non-standardised buildings. »


Managing Director, Logis

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