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Head office at Villeurbanne, France
Tel: +33 (0)820 202 101

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We take action for your satisfaction

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years' staff service on average

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We forge ahead to prepare for the future


We are totally committed to our clients


Smart technology

We’ve been working alongside our clients for 28 years, developing high-performance technological solutions that are scalable and well-known. As we design, we consider how you work now and how you’ll work in future.


Intuitive to operate

We create intuitive and user-friendly solutions to make your life easier. Our hallmark is innovating to keep things simple.


Unwavering support

Our clients need to have confidence in us, so we provide a dedicated contact person who’s an expert in the field. They know you well, with a detailed knowledge of your business, and will support you over time.


Responsive and effective

Your satisfaction is key to our success.

We listen carefully to your concerns and pride ourselves on responding quickly and effectively.

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A word from our Founding Directors

«Our main concern is client satisfaction, and we believe that the human touch is key to long-term success. We look after our staff so they can look after you. They repay us a hundred times over with their commitment and great expertise. Because we don’t have much staff turnover, you can enjoy a trusting and tailored relationship that’s effective over time. »

« We’ve been by your side for 28 years, developing solutions to meet your current and future needs. We design high-tech products that allow you to forget about the technology. With this approach, we can focus all our R&D efforts on keeping things simple for you, your staff and your clients. Technology should primarily make your life easier.

We design our own solutions so we can keep control and offer full scalability. We’re proud to now have the widest range of own-brand solutions on the market. »

« We have been close to our customers for 28 years. We are commited to build quality relationships, in order to bring them a tailor-made service. Thanks to this personalized follow-up, we have an accurate knowledge of their current and future challenges. This is essential so that we propose them solutions perfectly adapted to their needs, and long-term support. Above all, we are convinced that quality comes through human touch. »

Supporting you
in 72 countries

Our headquarters are in France, with our international offices providing local market support. In Europe: Brussels, Madrid, Milan and London. Outside Europe: Dubai, Casablanca and Montreal.

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Our renowned
French investors

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Florent Lauzet
Managing Partner at Siparex ETI

« Passman holds a true leadership on its dynamic markets, thanks to its growing technicality and service approach. »


Stéphane Bergez
Andera Partners

« We’re delighted with the partnership and mutual confidence we’ve built up with Passman, with indisputable success and strong growth in recent years. »

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