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Dynamic display for hotels and residences

Stand out with innovative digital communications

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Dynamic displays provide the most effective way for hotels and residences to communicate, bringing your brand to life and generating additional sales. You can use screens at reception, in the lobby, by the lifts or for meeting rooms to facilitate communication with guests throughout their time with you.

Goodbye paper materials…and hello digital tools. Display prices, meeting information, services, entertainment or events, and generate additional sales with the daily restaurant menu, available spa treatments, happy hour at the bar, etc. You can also share useful information dynamically using web feeds: show the next trains or flights, the local weather, your social media pages, etc. Enhance your guests’ time with you by telling them about places to visit locally: both your favourites and those off the beaten track. These tips will make you stand out and encourage client loyalty.

Our solution connects to the cloud and doesn’t require much equipment. You don’t need a server: our technology is included in your screens or added thanks to an external player. We also provide a wide range of indoor and outdoor screens from major brands including Samsung, Phillips and LG.

Manage your communications at the click of a button

Because our solution connects to the cloud, you can manage all your screens using a simple and intuitive online tool:

You can access your online tool from any computer

Schedule and edit your campaigns at the click of a button, and see them immediately broadcast on all your screens

You can either use campaigns created and managed by our graphic designers or take charge with our bespoke training. It’s up to you!

It’s easy to insert your images, videos, web feeds and more… The possibilities are endless! Choose a bespoke template and create your dazzling content in no time at all.

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affichage dynamique hôtel

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Your fully controlled turnkey solution

We’ve designed our own solution so we can keep control and offer full scalability.
  • Your designated contact will support you throughout, advising you on how to develop your solution using new features and guaranteeing impeccable service.
  • The site survey, quick install and any maintenance required are done by the same local team to provide a high-quality and responsive service.
  • If there is an outage, our system will display the latest content rather than a blank screen.
  • Our qualified internal after-sales teams are available 24/7 and can use remote monitoring to control and adjust your installation setup in real-time if needed.

Multiple permission levels

The solution designed for chains and groups

With our centralised management system, you can manage all your network screens at the click of a button and send targeted content out nationally, regionally or locally using the different permission levels available. Leave individual premises to add their specific content while keeping an eye on their communications.

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Proachat Best Western

« We chose Passman to be one of our suppliers referenced within PROACHAT for the quality of their support and their ability to offer comprehensive and tailor-made solutions for our hotel members. »


Head of Purchasing Department, Proachat Best Western


« Independent hotels have specific requirements and challenges. The Passman teams know how to put in place adapted, high-quality solutions, particularly in non-standardised buildings. »


Managing Director, Logis

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