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Chromecast for companies and co-working spaces

Energise your meeting spaces with Chromecast

solution chromecast pour les entreprises

What could be more annoying than not being able to project your content in a meeting? The participants waste time, get annoyed, and the presenter finds themself in a very stressful situation that they’d rather avoid. With Chromecast for companies, you can say goodbye to adapters and compatible connections, anyone present can project content directly onto the TV in the meeting room from their phone, computer or tablet.

All that’s needed is a little Chromecast dongle at the back of the TV. It’s discreet and secure and allows each participant to display the content from their apps directly on the screen. PDF with Chrome, presentations with Google Slides, videos from YouTube, there are so many possibilities! Chromecast for companies works wirelessly, all the user has to do is connect to our Wi-Fi.

We can also equip your company with our high-performance Wifi solution.

Project your content on the TV wirelessly

With Chromecast for companies, you can broadcast your content with ease on a big screen:

Once connected to Wi-Fi, just scan the QR code displayed on the TV or enter the code to connect your device (smartphone, tablet or computer).

Open the app of your choice on your device, for example : Chrome, Google Slides, YouTube, etc.

Click on the Chromecast icon, then your content plays on the meeting room TV.

You can continue to use your device normally, because your presentation stays on the screen.

solution chromecast en entreprises

Planning a project? Questions about chromecast for companies ??

Our experts are there for you.Tell us what you've got in mind and we'll be in touch as soon as we can.

solution chromecast coworking

Choose a secure professional Chromecast

Our solution is based on Google technology and very easy to use, with the advantage of the latest innovations.

Our R&D teams have designed a Chromecast specially for the professional challenges you face:
  • Pairing is secure to ensure that each participant is only broadcasting their content in the right meeting room.
  • Moreover, the history is automatically deleted with each new meeting.
  • The connection and browsing are intuitive and reliable.

Turnkey solution

Make your life easier with our all-inclusive service

Much more than just hardware, we guarantee you quality of service in the long term. Moreover, your unique contact is always available to offer support and advice.

We offer also a turnkey solution for chromecast for companies : firstly systematic study in the meeting room to ensure good compatibility, installation of a small dongle at the back of the screens by HDMI, configuration of your solution. If needed, our technicians are contactable 24/7 and use remote monitoring to manage your installation.

Our experts are there for you.Tell us what you've got in mind and we'll be in touch as soon as we can.

Planning a project? Questions?