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Energy-saving solutions for healthcare facilities

What if saving the planet means saving money too? Take back control of your energy costs

solution économie d'énergie pour les établissements de santé

Turning down your heating by 1 °C reduces your costs by 7%. For this purpose, our R&D teams have designed a unique solution that manages your energy consumption while providing an optimum level of comfort for your patients and residents. Designed to meet your challenges, it helps both combat waste and reduces your costs by between 30 and 50%.

All the data from your facility is centralised, and our technology automatically manages your electrical installations in order to optimise their performance. The objective? To create the right temperature at the right time in order to provide optimum comfort whilst saving energy and reducing costs.

Heating, air conditioning and lighting are thus regulated according to numerous parameters. For example, they are reduced when the IoT connectors detect the absence of patients from a room or open windows.

Your patients’ comfort is the priority. Our connected thermostats offer smart monitoring of the temperature in the room using a simplified intuitive system.

With our secure cloud-hosted tool, you receive key analyses and a real-time picture of energy use throughout your facility. You can adjust the temperature settings for your scenarios with just one click and identify optimisation levers to reduce your energy expenditure even further.

Connected to your room-management system

Our unique AI-based solution helps you manage your rooms on a daily basis:

The heating starts up a few hours before the arrival of the patient and stops when they leave.

The temperature is adjusted intelligently according to several parameters: the patient’s arrival time, presence in the room, length of stay, outdoor temperature…

Our technology is based on artificial intelligence. It identifies the most energy-hungry rooms and guides you to allocate the rooms that will help reduce your costs.

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Planning a project? Questions?

Our experts are available to discuss your needs and offer advice

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Manage your buildings and optimise your operating costs

Reduce your costs and maintenance charges by monitoring your facility with our Building Management System:

  • Visualise the status of your facilities in real time and at any time, wherever you are, with our cloud-hosted tool.
  • Instantly identify empty rooms that are available for housekeeping or maintenance.
  • Receive automatic alerts of maintenance work that needs to be carried out: badly regulated air conditioning, windows left open, a light bulb that needs replacing…

Certifications & Labels

Reward your efforts with an energy-saving certificate and financial assistance

The State will recognise the carbon savings that you make. Our solution gives you the right to an energy-saving certificate under BA-TH-116.

You will receive grants to reward your environmentally friendly approach.

Our experts are available to discuss your needs and offer advice.

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