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Dynamic display for healthcare facilities

Choose impactful and customized communication

affichage dynamique pour les établissements de santé

At reception, in the waiting room, in corridors or near lifts, use dynamic display for hospitals to communicate with patients and visitors. Your information is visible to everyone on a big screen. Out with paper and in with digital communication!

Practical advice, health and safety instructions, screening programmes, visiting procedures…

All sorts of information to assist your patients and visitors.

Highlight your services, different departments and events to energise your activity. You can also add web feeds like the geolocated weather forecast, local information and even train times…

With our dynamic display solution, you can create and broadcast your communications with just one click, anywhere in your building. Our cloud-hosted solution is 100% secure and requires very little hardware. The technology is embedded in the screen or on a small external player connected via HDMI. Choose those which will make a big difference from a wide selection of high-quality screens (Samsung, Phillips, LG…).

For even more comfort, install connected TVs directly in your patients’ rooms.

Your communication in just one click

Our cloud-hosted solution allows you to manage your screens from an intuitive online tool:

Your communications with ease: images, videos, web feeds and more… The possibilities are endless!

Your campaigns with a single click. The information is displayed immediately on all your screens.

Your online tool can be accessed at any time from any computer

We are committed to supporting you throughout. Our graphic designers will create communications and train your teams. If you like, they will then manage all your communications for you. Choose the level of service that you need.

affichage dynamique à l'hôpital

Planning a project? Questions?

Our experts would be delighted to discuss your needs and offer advice.

affichage dynamique à l'hôpital

Your turnkey solution

We are your unique contact and we will create your solution from A to Z:

  • Because a quality service means having a real person to talk to, your unique contact offers you support in the long term and is always there for you.
  • In the event of a break in transmission, our system will display the latest content rather than a blank screen.
Our qualified in-house technicians are available 24/7.
  • They use remote monitoring to manage your installation in real time.
  • The on-site study, installation and maintenance of the dynamic display for hospitals are carried out by the same local technician to ensure a high-quality, responsive service.

Centralised management

Do you manage several healthcare facilities ?

Our tool enables you to manage all the screens in all your facilities easily, with several levels of access. This means you can distribute content directly on a national, regional or local level according to the nature of your organisation. Each facility can also add its own specific content. And you retain an overview of all communications.

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Our experts would be delighted to discuss your needs and offer advice

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