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TV solutions for healthcare facilities

Choose an all-inclusive TV solution, designed for healthcare establishments

service de TV à l’hôpital

TV is an essential source of entertainment for your patients and residents. To offer them an even better service, choose a complete à la carte TV solution, managed by your dedicated contact. With or without investment, we offer you flexible economical models adapted to your capacities.

You benefit from a wide selection of French and foreign channels, with premium channels as an option (Canal+, beIN Sports, etc.).

TV can also be a very useful aid to communication with your patients or residents. You can keep them informed about your services, events and practical information via your own in-house channel. Our graphic designers will create your communications in your house style, guaranteeing made-to-measure quality.

If you would like to offer an even richer TV experience, choose interactive browsing on Smart TV and its many features:

  • Welcome your patient with a personalised message including their name
  • Offer complete multimedia access: radio stations, European media…
  • And provide a secure connection for the patients’ devices to the TV, so they can watch their own content (video, music, photos…)

We manage every aspect of your TV solution

As your unique point of contact, we provide you a comprehensive TV service, compatible with your current network infrastructure of whatever kind.

We provide the reception of TV content and offer you a wide selection of channels.

Our team manage your channels by IP network or coaxial cable and adapt the solution to your infrastructure or create a new one.

We offer you an extensive range of TVs and Smart TVs (Samsung, LG, Philips…), or we install the solution on your existing equipment. It’s up to you!

Our talented team of graphic designers and developers will design your interface in your house style.

We provide you with assistance in managing your patients’ TV access rights, via our support service or a complete management package.

service de TV à l'hôpital

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service de TV pour hôpital

We guarantee simplified allocation of access rights

Your patients’ care and comfort are your priority.

Entrust the management of TV access rights to us and choose an autonomous efficient system. Your patients can subscribe to their TV access via a dedicated contact on the phone, in a shop inside your hospital or online by bank card, etc.

Would you like to manage your hospital’s access to TV rights directly? It’s just a click away! With our online tool, you can open and close your patients’ TV access easily. Our tool is connected to your booking system to facilitate billing when the patient leaves.

Our advisors will support you to ensure the implementation of the right level of service for you.

Quality means having a real person to talk to

Your designated contact will support you

Because having a real person to talk to is a guarantee of quality, your dedicated contact will support you throughout. Your contact is always available to you to deal with specific issues and provide a flawless quality of service.

Our qualified in-house technicians are available 24/7. They use remote monitoring to manage your installation in real time or provide an immediate on-site service.

Healthcare facilities that are already equipped

They trust us


Vivalto Santé deploys Passman TV solution

Lauriane Collignon, Vivalto Santé’s project manager for the Île-de-France region, explains their choices and the level of service they have put in place, for both patients and teams.

Introduce us to Vivalto Santé in Île-de-France

The Ile-de-France region, which I represent, currently includes 10 clinics located in Western Paris. Passman has already been deployed in two of these clinics: Clinique de Maisons-Laffitte, 52 bed MCO clinic with a geriatric-oriented medical activity, and Clinique de la Région Mantaise, a 92-bed MCO clinic with a mainly surgical activity.

What kind of service do you think TV should provide for patients ?

Above all, the hospital TV service must be easy to use. It must offer a wide range of channels, on-demand content (such as VOD) and digital accessibility, in particular the ability to cast digital offers (such as NETFLIX).
The aim is also to have a more autonomous TV service, with the ability to open the TV service remotely.

What TV solution have you implemented?

We have set up the TV PASSMAN system, with a centralized application for opening entitlements (either in web mode or remotely, by telephone with CB payment). We have also subscribed to the internal channel module (internal content) and set up digital signage in our facilities for easy communication.
To facilitate day-to-day management, we are also in the process of deploying the link with the DPI.

How did the installation go?

We have benefited from a good installation on both sites, with support for the teams in the field, particularly the reception teams and the technical teams who have received 1st level maintenance training, at our request.

Are patients satisfied? And the teams?

Overall, patient satisfaction is good. Teams are still waiting for the interface with the DPI to save even more time, but the tool has been well taken on board and the hotline is very responsive.

What criteria did you use to select your supplier?

We chose Passman because they met all our criteria:

– Firstly, their solution was developed entirely in-house, guaranteeing them complete control over evolutions and developments.
– Secondly, their digital-oriented interface
– Also, to have an integrated Hotline (10 operators based in Lyon) and a separate patient Hotline
– Finally, reliable and responsive sales and technical support.

Our TV for healthcare establishments experts would be delighted to discuss your needs and offer advice.

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