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IP Telephony for healthcare facilities

Enjoy the advantages of internet telephony

solution téléphonie IP pour les établissements de santé

Our engineers have designed a complete telephony system to respond to the everyday challenges faced by healthcare establishments. IP telephony (or VoIP) routes oral communications over the internet. For you and your patients, it’s as easy as using a standard telephone, with a wide range of features into the bargain! Above all, you manage your telephone communications as you see fit.

IP telephony gives you access to large number of simultaneous inbound and outbound channels, ranging up to several hundreds. Benefit from communications packages offering unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in France, and to landlines in 40 countries.

Whatever kind of organisation you represent, our solution using an IP PBX server can be adjusted to suit as it’s compatible with all types of cabling and lines (analogue, Numéris or IP). Take advantage of it to equip your rooms with high-quality telephones suited to your needs, or keep your existing equipment.

To optimise your costs and simplify management, link your telephony solution with your Wi-Fi or TV network.

Our room management module makes your everyday life easier

Our engineers have developed a 360° module to save you time and make room management easier:

The name of the patient or resident is automatically displayed when they call you, so you can personalise the greeting

Our module is connected to your system and makes room management easier: cleaning, Wi-Fi or TV activation on arrival, scheduling wake-up calls…

It automatically generates billing when the patient leaves

We personalise your solution as your needs evolve, via our dedicated interface that centralises all your lines and room characteristics.

utilisateur de téléphonie IP

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téléphonie IP pour professionnels de santé

Choose the service that suits you best and access dozens of features:

  • Configure your interactive voice server and your personalised call plans to facilitate your callers’ experience and save time.
  • Receive calls wherever you are in the building with your portable DECT phone.
  • Choose from a wide range of telephones adapted to your different uses:
  • Create access rules to control your communications: special numbers, mobiles, international calls…

Turnkey solution

The quality of an all-inclusive service

We offer you a turnkey service and personalised support to ensure the implementation of a solution that matches your needs perfectly: creation of direct numbers and lines, supply of telephones or configuration of your existing equipment, personalisation of your features… Our technicians can then be contacted 24/7 and monitor your solution remotely if needed.

Choose a single partner for all your connected solutions: Wi-Fi, TV, telephony, etc. This will reduce your costs, save you time and offer you the advantage of simplified management.

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