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Wi-Fi for stores and shopping centres

Intelligent Wi-Fi designed to meet the challenges of the retail sector

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Increasing numbers of visitors, customers or members are looking for a high-quality Wi-Fi service in shops. To offer high-performance Wi-Fi to everyone, even at times of peak use, Intelligent management of bandwidth is essential. Our R&D teams have designed a Wi-Fi technology that offers a high-quality reliable connection. Based on our dynamic bandwidth management algorithm, it automatically optimises user resource distribution in real time to suit what people are doing online. Social media, streaming, reading emails… every user receives the bandwidth they need in real time for fast seamless Wi-Fi.

Much more than a simple installation, we offer the guarantee of a personalised turnkey service:

  • We devise the network architecture suited to your spaces to ensure perfect coverage
  • We offer you the Fibre or VDSL connection that’s most suitable for your needs
  • Our graphic designers will personalise your Wi-Fi portals to reflect your image
  • Our in-house after-sales team are available 24/7. They use remote monitoring to manage your installation
  • Because having a real person to talk to is a guarantee of quality, your unique contact offers you support in the long term and is always available.
  • Control your Wi-Fi performance and usage statistics with a single click from your dashboard

Offer an intuitive connection experience that reflects your image

Users are looking for a fast fluid connection experience. We have devised our Wi-Fi solution with that fact in mind, above all.

The user can connect to the available network. You can create, rename or modify networks with a single click at any time from your online tool.

The access portal loads automatically in the user’s language. Our talented graphic designers will personalise it to reflect your image.

The user signs in securely using the method of your choice: click and connect, email, form, social login, code, etc.

They will enjoy seamless browsing throughout their visit and in all your spaces.

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Wi-Fi at the service of your data

Improve your knowledge of your customers via data collected by your Wi-Fi service.

Depending on the connection method you choose, you can collect qualified email addresses associated with the data of your choice (name, age, gender, nationality, phone number…). Plenty of key information to enrich your CRM and stay in touch. Do you offer a loyalty scheme? Link the Wi-Fi connection to it and learn even more about your customers.

Our Wi-Fi installation can also provide you with invaluable information about your customers’ journey through your store. Your users’ devices are automatically picked up by the transmitters positioned in your spaces. This enables you to identify the length and frequency of visits as well as the pathway taken. With this data, you can optimise your store displays and visitor traffic to increase footfall and purchases. Your Wi-Fi becomes a real marketing and sales support tool.

Groups and shopping centres

Your expert in the deployment of Wi-Fi on a wide scale

Do you want to equip several hundred stores in just a few weeks? Do you need to equip a large store without interfering with the running of your business? We are experienced in major deployments and in complex environments. Over the 25 years that we have been working with you, our teams have proved their expertise in offering you a flawless quality of service. We have developed a proven deployment process, with an organisation that is both meticulous and agile. We work around your specific limitations to install in a way that doesn’t disrupt your business: outside opening hours, at night, at height using safe equipment, etc.

Entrust us with your Wi-Fi, we’ll take care of everything.

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What our clients say

Ken Group - CMG Sports Club

« We have entrusted our Wifi to Passman, in order to provide a quality service to our members and to ensure the best possible performance. »

E. Zerbib

Information Systems Manager, Ken Group - CMG Sports Club

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