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Energy-saving solution for student residences

Take control of your energy expenditure and help save the planet

solution économie d'énergie pour résidences étudiantes

Did you know? Lowering your heating by 1 °C will reduce your costs by 7% on average. Our R&D teams have devised an innovative solution capable of managing your systems to combat waste and reduce costs. You can save between 30 and 50% on energy!

Our intelligent solution is based on the IoT and manages your systems to optimise performance. Heating, air conditioning and lighting are managed automatically according to numerous parameters: presence in the apartments, opening of windows, outdoor temperature, etc. For example, they are turned off when the connectors detect the absence of residents or open windows.

With our online tool, you can define and modify the temperatures settings for your scenarios with just one click: unlet apartment, let but unoccupied apartment, let and occupied apartment. The objective? To provide the right temperature at the right time, because the comfort of your residents is crucial. Our connected thermostats in the apartments enable the adjustment of the temperature intelligently with an intuitive system.

All the data from your residence is centralised in a cloud-hosted tool. It gives you a complete overview of your residence in real time as well as key analyses. This enables you to see where there’s room for improvement and take further action to reduce your energy costs.

The integrated solution that facilitates the management of apartments

Our AI-based solution helps you manage your apartments on a daily basis:

It identifies energy-hungry apartments depending on the time of year and indicates which should be let first to reduce your costs.

The solution is connected to your PMS and automatically triggers the heating before the arrival of residents and turns it off when they leave.

It adjusts the temperature intelligently based on several parameters: length of stay, time of year, times when the apartment is occupied…

Our solution makes it easy to save energy.

outil d'économie d'énergie

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outil de suivi économie d'énergie

Manage your buildings and reduce your operating costs

Our Building Management System offers you a complete overview of your buildings and facilitates maintenance work:

  • Visualise the status of your residence instantly wherever you are, with our cloud-hosted tool.
  • Easily identify empty rooms that are available for maintenance or housekeeping.
  • Save time and optimise your maintenance costs via automatic alerts: a light bulb that needs replacing, badly regulated air conditioning, an open window…

Certifications & Financial assistance

Receive financial assistance under the State energy-saving certificate scheme

When you equip your residence with our solution, you are saving energy. This enables you to reduce your carbon footprint and be rewarded by the State for your eco-friendly action. You receive a BAT-TH-116 energy-saving certificate and financial assistance. The planet will be grateful to you!

Our experts are there for you

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