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Wi-Fi for student residences

Stand out from the crowd with Wi-Fi that meets the expectations of students

utilisateur wifi résidences étudiantes

Students are very demanding when it comes to the quality of Wi-Fi and with good reason, because it’s an essential part of their daily activities. Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, Instagram, Snapchat… all apps that take a big slice of bandwidth and need to work at any hour of the day, irrespective of how many students are online at the same time. Not forgetting video calls and other shared working platforms that are now essential for success in their studies.

But how can you guarantee sufficient bandwidth for everyone, even at peak times? Our engineers have designed a dynamic bandwidth management technology which optimises user resource distribution in real time to meet people’s needs. This constantly evolving algorithm is key to offering fast internet to everyone at any time of day. Reading emails, streaming video or working online, these applications don’t all require the same amount of bandwidth at the same time. Our algorithm factors in numerous parameters and adjusts the bandwidth received in real time according an individual’s level of use.

Wi-Fi is also the basis of all digital activities in the residence. We create a network infrastructure capable of managing student Wi-Fi and all your business applications. You can connect your professional tools and all the residence’s online services in total security, on an independent network.

Provide an online experience "just like at home"

Every student wants to feel truly at home, with a secure intuitive connection. That’s why we have designed personalised connection experiences that respond to your challenges and meet their expectations.

The student connects to the available network. You can create, rename or modify networks with a single click at any time from your online tool.

A captive portal that loads automatically in the user’s language. Students or visitors can log in via the secure mode of your choice: with one click, social login, form, with a code, via a link with your PMS, etc.

Each apartment can have its own network to which students can connect all their peripheral devices with ease, with no captive portal: games console, Chromecast, TV, printer, computer, smartphone, speakers…

The student remains connected throughout the period of their lease, wherever they are in the residence, as long as they have paid their rent, if you require this option.

wifi pour résidences étudiantes avec portail personnalisé

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utilisateur wifi résidences étudiantes

Free or paid Wi-Fi, choose your level of service

A service offer for each residence. We offer you flexible financial models compatible with your obligations, whether you want to offer free or paid Wi-Fi or a combination model.

For example, you can offer an initial level of free Wi-Fi for visitors and students who are light users. You can also offer paid packages with priority access and substantial bandwidth for those who are seldom offline.

In every case, the purchase of Wi-Fi packages is very easy and made-to-measure. Entrust the management of these subscriptions to us, giving you one less thing to worry. We offer students an online payment platform and a dedicated contact who can be reached by email or telephone for the purchase of codes. Alternatively, you can choose to be independent and generate login codes with a single click via your online tool. You can then open and close your students’ Wi-Fi access directly from the tool.

Our priority is to provide you with a service. We can disconnect residents who don’t pay their rent, the effect is often rapid.

Your designated contact

Choose a turnkey Wi-Fi service with a performance guarantee

We can look after all your needs. After an in-depth on-site study, we set up a network infrastructure that’s perfectly adapted to your residence and your responsibilities.

We are your Fibre and Wi-Fi partner, and we offer you an internet connection best suited to your needs, at the best price.

Because having a real person to talk to is a guarantee of quality, your dedicated contact person offers you support in the long term and is always available for you. If needed, our qualified in-house after-sales team are available 24/7 and use remote monitoring to manage your installation in real-time or provide an immediate on-site visit.

With your online tool, you can monitor Wi-Fi performance and usage statistics as well as generate regular reports, with total transparency.

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