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Dynamic display for student residences

Stand out with innovative digital communications

affichage dynamique en résidence étudiante

At reception, in the cafeteria, near the lifts or in the corridors, your screens communicate for you! What better communication medium is there than digital to keep your students informed?

Add value to your services, partnerships or events and boost your activity: the cafeteria menu, reductions in a partner sports club, rates for housekeeping services, the opening times of leisure centres, the news in your residence, etc.

Show them the go-to places in the city, ideas for unusual places to visit, or your special deals for students! All kinds of advice to make you stand out and put a smile on their faces.

Broadcast practical info too to provide a service, via web feeds: times of the next trains, the local weather forecast, events in the city, your social media, etc.

Our solution is hosted in the cloud and requires very little equipment. We offer you a wide range of indoor and outdoor screens from major brands including Samsung, Phillips and LG. The technology is directly embedded in the screens, or in a discreet external player.

Broadcast your content in just one click

Manage your screens with an intuitive and very easy to use online tool:

Access your online tool from any computer, it’s hosted in the cloud!

Your targeted communications with a single click, and see them immediately broadcast on all your screens

Will create your first communications and train you to use the tool. Alternatively, they can manage all your communications for you. Choose your personalised level of support.

Create your content with ease via our intuitive user-friendly tool.

affichage dynamique en résidence étudiante

Planning a project? Questions?

Our experts are there for you. Tell us about your needs and we'll get back to you ASAP

affichage dynamique en résidence étudiante

Choose a turnkey solution

We offer you support from beginning to end with a 100% personalised service. After an on-site study, we install the screens that will be visible to all at key points in your residence. We then create your first communications to meet your needs, with the aid of our talented graphic designers. Next, we train your team ourselves, or we continue to manage your communications on demand.

We’ve designed our own solution to ensure you are always in complete control. In the event of a break in transmission, your screen will display the latest content, avoiding a blank screen. If needed, our qualified technicians are contactable 24/7 and use remote monitoring to manage your installation in real time.

Several levels of access

Do you manage several residences?

Our solution offers you several levels of access so you can manage the communications in your residences.

This means you can distribute content directly on the screens in the residences on a national, regional or local level according to the nature of your organisation. Our centralised management system makes it as easy pie.

Each residence can also add its own specific content and you retain an overview of their screens.

Our experts will assist you in the planning of your project.

Want to install our solution in your student residence?