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Wi-Fi for campsites

Your high-performance intelligent Wi-Fi, designed for outdoors

utilisateur du wifi au camping

Whether they’re near the pool or at the far end of the campsite, holidaymakers want great quality Wi-Fi. It has to be fast at any time of the day, no matter how many people are using it.

A well-designed Wifi for campsites infrastructure is essential to overcoming the challenges of the outdoors: uneven ground, lush vegetation, an area of dozens of acres to cover… After an in-depth on-site survey, our experts will design a network architecture suited to your campsite, favouring Mesh technology and high-quality equipment for outdoor use. For campsites with a large number of widely spread pitches, we install internal fibre to key points on the campsite, to supply maximum speed as close as possible to the pitches.

Intelligent management of the speed is essential to guarantee high-performance Wifi for campsites, even during peak periods, your holidaymakers will benefit from a reliable and fast network.

Our engineers have designed a technology based on a constantly developing algorithm, that offers you a high-quality, totally reliable connection. This dynamic bandwidth management algorithm optimizes user resource distribution in real time to suit what your guests are doing online. It improves internet connection quality by 30% according to several parameters.

You can control your Wifi for campsites and usage statistics with a single click from your dashboard, and generate regular reports. For us, excellence is inseparable from transparency.

An easy and personalised online experience

Holidaymakers are looking for the same online experience that they get at home. Above all, our Wifi for campsites is designed to be easy to use. The connection is intuitive and personalised:

Connection to the available network: create and name your networks with a single click, or leave our teams to do it for you, they’d be only too happy.

Automatic loading of the personalised access portal in your campsite’s colours and the user’s language.

Connection using the method of your choosing with a free or paid offer: with just one click, form, PMS, or with a code, prepaid card or online payment by bank card.

Smooth browsing throughout the guest’s stay and automatic reconnection with roaming everywhere on the campsite.

wifi camping avec interface personnalisee

Planning a Wi-Fi project? Questions? Our experts are pleased to help

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It's more than a Wi-Fi installation and includes genuine support on a daily basis

We believe that quality means having a real person to talk to. Your unique contact is always there for you to offer support in the long term. He is dedicated to ensuring that your installation evolves with the latest technical advances for constantly improving quality of service.

Our Wi-Fi is much more than a simple installation, it’s the guarantee of a personalised turnkey service.
  • We are your unique point of contact for internet and Wi-Fi and offer you the fibre or VDSL/ADSL connection that’s best suited to your needs.
  • Our graphic designers will personalise your Wi-Fi portals to reflect your image.
  • We will support you in the sale of Wi-Fi packages with the right POS materials, a dedicated contact person who can be contacted at any time, and several purchase methods: prepaid cards, codes, online payment, PMS, etc.
  • Our qualified in-house after-sales team are available 24/7. They use remote monitoring to manage and reconfigure your installations in real time, with increased vigilance over the summer months. If required, the local team, who carried out the initial study and installation, will make an immediate on-site visit.

Optimise your network installations

Wi-Fi - the glue that holds your connected solutions together

Your Wi-Fi installation is the glue that holds all your connected solutions together: TV, Chromecast, CCTV, dynamic display and even home automation to control your energy costs. Your network infrastructure is the bedrock of your digital transformation.

This helps you avoid soaring costs and any building work.

Management is simplified, with a single contact person with a perfect understanding of your connected solutions.

We’re the only player able to offer such an extensive range of own-brand solutions for campsites, make the most of them!

Campsites equipped with Wi-Fi

They're trusting

What our clients say

Camp du Domaine

« Our campsite extends over 40 hectares, it is a very large area to be covered by Wifi. Passman provided us with a real solution and our contact person offers us a close follow-up. We don't always have time to think about everything, being supported makes us feel good. »

Marc Defour

Managing Director, Camp du Domaine

Les Naïades

« We are extremely satisfied with the Passman product and above all with the long-term support, to provide our customers with even better service quality. »


Managing Director, Les Naïades

Our outdoor Wi-Fi experts are available to discuss your needs and offer advice

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